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Welcome to
Franciscans of The Cross Charity

Welcome. There are communities throughout the world that live each day in poverty. They have no way to buy food, get clean water, have access to medical facilities and education. The Franciscans of the Cross charity assists communities to establish basic needs such as nutritional food, clean water, medical and educational facilities for life-saving change. The Franciscans of the Cross is an organisation consisting of Priest's, Brother's, Sisters and Lay People who live the life of the gospel in a practical and heartfelt way. We stand for practical love to all those we meet and assist. We do this because it is our vocation to serve. No greater love has a man or woman than he lays down his life for his friend.

The seed for our Congregation started in 2000 at the tomb of St Francis of Assisi, Italy. The charity was established formally in 2015. We work together with Patron's, Local people and all those willing to give a hand, to make a difference. WE CARE.
“Brother Francis Mary (Cledwyn Stafford) works tirelessly for local and International communities, setting up support system, fund raising for these communities and commits himself in the Franciscan Tradition of physical, pastoral and spiritual care. He has been instrumental in bringing together people of different religions and traditions, creating harmony, understanding and trust for all.”

Joanna S. – Patron for Nigeria
“I give thanks for the work of the Franciscans of the Cross with its many pastoral ministries, which so eloquently express the ministry of care that Christ calls us to show in our daily lives. Brother Francis Mary and his many workers in India, Pakistan, Kenya and here in Australia enable a great and compassionate work in parishes, schools, hospitals, prisons and institutions of care for young and old alike and all without fear or favour. Please support this work through your prayers and gifts.”

Roger – Patron for Kenya
“We have known Brother Frances for many years, and find him to be a caring, motivated and loving man. He has a big heart for helping the less fortunate to have a better life.
His total dedication to establishing schools, womens shelters, and safe spaces has benefited many women and children in 3rd world countries. ”

Gia & Stella – Patron for South India
“I have known my very good friend and spiritual confidant for over a decade now. He is a man of great Christan faith and grace always giving people and I more than they deserve. He gives me and others hope from harm that God is always present. He has a real depth in the relationships of all kinds of people he meets in life's journey that comes from love. Brother Francis has a strong sense of justice – for all (not ‘just-him’) biased in favour of the disadvantaged. He gives joy to all he meets through service rather than self-centeredness. He is a man of peace.”

Dino R – Patron for Sri Lanka
“I’ve known Father Francis for about two years and we’ve been very good friends. He’s a sincere patron of the poor. He has a big heart and inspires unconditional giving in people, leading by example. He meets people with kindness and acceptance and helped me through difficult times by standing by me and encouraging me.”

Martin M – Patron for Bangladesh