About Us


AEMS specializes in Australian immigration and education services. With our registered migration agents and consultants who possess more than 25 years' experience in Australian immigration law, we have been offering and continue to offer high quality services from the preliminary assessment stage right through to the final happy settlement.

As a highly regarded immigration and visa agency in Australia, AEMS has offices in Perth and Melbourne, and several representatives and/or offices in China. We continue to expand globally to establish representation in more countries soon. Such facilities enable prompt and efficient services through our Australian and overseas offices. We have been privileged and happy to have helped thousands of clients from over 28 countries for their visa applications with a success rate of 98.6%.


  1. Excel in handling various permanent visa and temporary visa applications.
  2. Customize migration pathways with detailed procedures for clients. Assist investors in handpicking and managment of desirable business/investment projects to ensure investment return as well as fulfilling the migration visa requirements.
  3. Liaise, co-ordinate, organize and obtain co-operations, with Australian companies for meetings, business co-operations, investments and projects.
  4. Assist clients in obtaining employment opportunities through Employer Sponsored temporary and permanent visas.
  5. Arrange for international student school enrolments, monitor student progress, seek employment opportunities and arrange onshore migration applications for overseas graduates.
  1. Coordinate with Australian universities, vocational institutions, secondary schools and articulation programs.
  2. Arrange for long-term or short-term training for companies, study tours and sister school relationships.
  3. Assist in client settlement and other relevant services.
  4. Specialize in handling appeal cases in Migration Review Tribunal, and
  5. Aid clients in medical insurance as official representative of Medibank Private.

Note: Our Registered Migration Agents (MARN MARN 9904827 / 0964114 / 1385135 / 1799364)) are responsible for all the visa services. Our Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (E024, F284 and J229) are responsible for all the education services.

Under Australian immigration law, anyone provides immigration assistance must be registered with the government authority MARA. All registered migration agents must comply with the "Code of Conduct".