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We hear this all the time: "I already have a website!". But when we ask, what are your next steps? We often get an unsure or even clueless reply. The need of having a website is nothing new in today's business world. It has become almost a basic necessity in running any kind of business.

However, many companies fall into the great trap of just having a website just to get the business online, wanting to reap the conventional benefits of a 24/7 online presence, Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing Campaign, Online Shopping etc. Yes, an average website can give you these things, but are you willing to settle for just 'AVERAGE'?

Building and designing a website is an ART – you need artist, branding specialist or marketing agency to present it with "WOW" effects but making it works for greater return of investment, penetrate new market share, reinforce marketing campaign or measure key performance indicators is SCIENCE. One can only master both after many years of practice and research.

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Why Square18 Solutions?

We at Square18 Solutions are prepared to lead you on the journey of branding your website. We will listen to your reasons of wanting a website, take time to research into your specific industry, present you with your options, DEFINE your website objectives and then ONLY go head to design and build it.

It is this passion for perfection that keeps us going and we therefore invite you to arrange a meet-up with us, to begin the journey of crafting (or redesigning) your website in style!